Monday, March 24, 2014

This month's IHSW

I re-started "Thirsty Hart" by Heartstring Samplery on a 40 count by Lakeside Linens in the color vintage homespun.  I like it so much better than my first attempt on 32 count.  I'm using one thread instead of two and I think the subtle variation in the dyes of the threads are easier to see.  As for stitching on 40 count -- well, that's not so easy to see but it's doable.

There has been an illness in my family and life has been topsy-turvy but I did make time to stitch a little this week end.  I love the idea of having this designated stitch-a-long.  It's a fixed appointment in an ever changing world.


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful Lynne! I'd love to try 40ct at some point, I'm currently stitching on 36ct and wish I'd tried it sooner! Sorry to see life hasn't been easy for you again - hope you continue to find some time for stitching as I love seeing your updates :)