Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dutch Beauty Progress

I worked on this for about a week and that's as far as my short attention span will stretch this time.  It's funny how I love a set of colors together and a pattern until all of I sudden I don't.  I start to get a fidgety feeling.  I'll put a project away and work on something else and then the next time I pull it out I'm in love all over again.  The brain is interesting.  I'm glad I'm not on a schedule so I'm free to work on whatever pleases my eye.  That's the wonderful difference between a hobby and work or school!

Here's where I am overall:

The booklet says the peacock symbolizes royalty and a chivalrous appearance.  Ah, I love chivalry!

The heraldic lion represents the unity and power of the Dutch:

Two lions guard a tree of life with birds representing fertility because they scatter seeds:

Now I'll tuck this away while I work on another project that catches my eye.

Happy stitching to all my old and new friends!


  1. It certainly is a beautiful piece and your stitching on each of the motifs is lovely.

  2. Beautiful Lynne - I love the closeup pictures, especially the regal peacock!