Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dutch Beauty

Last year in a fit of ambition I started Dutch Beauty.  Then I got really sick and didn't feel like stitching at all.  Surgery and some awful meds fixed me up.  I've drawn the line under illness and have decided this is going to be a great year!

Dutch Beauty was made around 1790 in the Low Countries and contains 68 wonderful creatures.  It's charted by Permin of Copenhagen.  The booklet explains the symbolic meaning of the motifs and I think they're so interesting.

I'm stitching on 32 count cream Belfast over 2  using the suggested DMC threads.  The finished size is going to be about 40 x 25 inches!  I must say I'm intimidated but I've seen pictures of this completed and it's glorious in its size.  I'm going to proceed one stitch at a time and move on to other things (no shortage there) when I grow weary.

An "aerial" view (I had to stand on a bench):

I'm working from top right to bottom in columns because I stitch in hand and this way allows me to fold what I'm not working on into my lap where it can compete for space with my dog.

The windmill is a symbol for energy and life.  The bridegroom offers a gift.

The rooster symbolizes wakefulness.  Perfect for me.


  1. It is a beautiful design. My Mother made it for me :)

  2. Quite the undertaking - but oh so beautiful!

  3. wow! That is an amazing design, good luck!

  4. I've seen this pattern but had never seen any of it stitched out. It is absolutely lovely.

  5. Visiting via GYB hop. This is amazing work, such a beautiful design. I shall follow the progress. best wishes

  6. Very ambitious project! Good luck.

    Thanks for sharing your blog. I still working through that crazy list of blogs. Please visit my embroidery blog if it strikes your fancy.


  7. Wow! 40 x 25 inches is huge! How nice that the book explains all the motifs. I'm looking forward to watching your progress and I love all the close-ups and descriptions!