Wednesday, October 5, 2011

White Wedding

I fell in love with William and Kate's wedding cake and felt compelled to stitch the equivalent.

It put me in a romantic mood, not hard to do as I'm a hopeless romantic most of the time anyway, and I searched for a similar wedding sampler design to stitch for my husband and me. I found "White Wedding" by Ellen Maurer-Stroh.

I tested several shades of silk on pure white Belfast linen. Here is my progress so far.

It's my fourth monochrome project. Even though I'm a bit of a color fanatic, I find stitching with one color, especially silk, to be meditative, relaxing, and very satisfying. I love the soft glow of creamy silk on pure white linen.


  1. Oh how neat! I've never done a monochrome project and that's definitely a romantic one! I can hardly wait to see this one completed!

  2. Thanks, Laura for the sweet comment.

  3. Oh I love this!!! I can't wait to see it grow!

  4. Thanks, Megan. I'll post the latest progress pic!

  5. Monochrome is definitely under utilized.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more updates. :)