Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm in the mood to frame

Who knows when or why the mood strikes but every once in a while a girl's gotta frame something.


  1. That mood never seems to strike me! I have so many projects that are in desperate need of being framed!

  2. I like the sampler at the top.

    Do you frame these yourself or have them done for you?

    Is there any special way you 'frame' your work? How is it done?

  3. Lor, I frame them myself because I can't afford professional framing. While stitching a specific project I start looking for a frame that would work that is on sale or I can use a coupon to purchase. If the frame comes with glass, I cover it with quilt batting and place the piece around it, insert it in the frame, pull tight, and tape down like a wrapped package. I use foam board if there is no glass.

  4. So you don't hide your samplers behind glass? Is there a reason for that?

    I have an oil painting that my grandmother painted, and I have been told to never put it behind glass, but leave it out to the air.

  5. There are two schools of thought about glass. I prefer no glass. If you do choose glass, you're supposed to have a mat that keeps it from touching the stitching by raising it up a bit. I don't think I've ever seen an oil painting under glass so you probably got good advice about your grandmother's painting. That must be a wonderful thing to have!

  6. Thank you, it is very nice to have one of her works of art. She painted a lot, but most of the paintings were kept by the executor of the 'estate' (not that she had much of anything).

    I do have pictures of many of her paintings.