Friday, July 22, 2011

UFO Rescue

I started this a few years ago when I was new to cross stitch.

It's a lovely pattern but I found out I just plain don't like doing the solid style (not sure what to call it) cross stitch designs -- the kind where the entire piece of fabric is completely covered by cross stitches. It was one stitch here, stop. Squint to find my place in the pattern. Thread needle. Make a different color stitch next, stop. Repeat forever. I found it beyond tedious but I pushed myself until I was almost two-thirds of the way through. Then I realized life is short and there is a world of gorgeous patterns out there. I put it away promising I would come back to it. It was always lurking in the back of my mind nagging me and making me feel rather guilty.

It may look like I was almost done because I cut off the bottom of the linen to salvage it too, but believe me, I wasn't. Countless hours of unpleasant (for me) work was ahead.

So I got really honest and threw in the towel and liberated myself! I cut it up and salvaged what I could.

Now it looks like this.

And I'm left with a piece I think I'll turn into a bookmark. I plan to sew ribbon along the edges to finish them.

It hurt to cut it up (accidental cutting must be every stitcher's nightmare) but now my project, or a least most of it, is seeing the light of day! And I have no cross stitch UFO's weighing me down.


  1. That's a great solution to a difficult problem! I think making the piece into something you may actually enjoy looking at is definitely better than leaving it as a UFO for the rest of time. I like the idea of the bookmark too! Great thinking =)

  2. Thanks, Lauren. "A UFO for the rest of time" made me smile. I pictured archaeologists digging it up a thousand years from now and wondering why it wasn't finished. LOL!

  3. Excellent! What a neat idea! That'll make a great bookmark too!

    I can't do that style of stitching either, where every inch of fabric is stitched.