Friday, June 10, 2011

What Cancer Cannot Do

I purchased this kit a while ago but I kept putting off starting it. Sometimes the word "cancer" still scares me.

My husband asked me to do it next and suddenly, knowing he wanted it done, made it easy to start. I'll do just about anything for him. I didn't feel like working on it all by myself so I decided to do my first "Stitch Along" at a cross stitch forum I visit daily here.

I was so touched by all the love and support I received there I started to cry. Sometimes the world is a much warmer and sweeter place than I expect.

I'm making all sorts of changes to the kit including the fabric, threads, and several colors. I may or may not do the beading. I have not used beads in cross stitch yet and I'm not sure I'd like them on this one, although I've seen them used in other projects that are breathtaking.

Here is my start:

As you can see, it is my favorite color and my favorite flower. So far, so good!


  1. Beautiful, Lynne!

    Glad to hear your dh is taking an interest in your stitchery. He's in our prayers.