Friday, April 1, 2011

Kitschy Coo

I announced to Andy I want to stitch Pinkie.  "You're kidding," he responded.  Well, no.  I was once again informed I'd never stop surprising him.  Is that good?  And Blue Boy, too.  What's so surprising about that?  Turns out they're kitschy.  Are they?  Well, I kinda like kitsch.  So there!


  1. Thomas Gainsborough, who painted "Blue Boy," did not produce kitsch. "Blue Boy" is, to be precise, rococo. "Pinky," by Thomas Lawrence, is a formal portrait of a specific girl, and has been hailed as a masterpiece of classical portraiture. Anyone who considers them "kitschy" has merely been brainwashed by the petit-bourgeois prejudices of the so called "avant garde" art critics, who consider a rusty tin can to be superior to the Piéta. I am shocked and disappointed to hear that Andy has fallen prey to the lying propaganda of the Philistines. So there.

  2. LOL! See? There ain't one little bitty thing kitschy about a cross stitched Pinkie! I'm so relieved.

  3. Dear Master Wm.
    First, don't get me started on poker playing canines....
    Back in my art school days I totally cribbed Mr. Gainsboro and his azure toned masterpiece and turned it into an award winning pot plant in my ro-cukoo themed senior project.
    When an image has been reduced to the likes of Kitch-en towels and KMart Art it falls into a Midwestern trap akin to little old ladies farting at you from the petunias in the front lawn.
    My wife has my permission, however, to xstitch all of the rusty cans she so chooses.

  4. Y'all are talking over my head, but I laughed anyway!

    I'm surprised the drewbador didn't just tell his lady to finish the projects she's started first.......