Monday, April 4, 2011

Disappointed Again

I've all but given up on American TV but my husband, with his theater background, is ever hopeful.  Tonight we made sure we were home to catch the premiere of The Killing.  It's an American remake of a wildly popular Danish TV show called  Forbrydelsen. Critics are gushing about it.  Since I liked what the British did with their translation of the Swedish Wallander series, I was hopeful.  And I love a good murder mystery.

Alas, I was disappointed.  Disappointed and bored.  The story has been transplanted to Seattle and all it does is rain.  Rain, rain, rain.  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and I am severely rain intolerant.  It has the exact same plot as Twin Peaks without any of its wonderful strangeness.  Instead, it's just a bunch of pale and mopey people standing around looking morose.  In the rain.  I don't care who murdered Laura Palmer, er, I mean Rosie Larsen.

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  1. "Twin Peaks" without the weirdness and humor and perversity? I can't imagine anything more boring. But I'm naturally intolerant of these American remakes of foreign movies and television shows. I realize that I'm in the minority; we're all supposed to gush about "The Office" and the latest remake of a European horror movie. But they just leave me cold. They even ruined the very effective Spanish horror movie "Rec" by re-making it as "Quarantine." These people are shameless.