Sunday, April 3, 2011

Date Night Again, Already

It's time for our off chemo week frolic into the land of food.  Chemo is messing with my husband's taste buds big time, but cheese cake is still something that appeals so we're off tonight to The Cheesecake Factory.

Not my favorite restaurant in the world.  I find the endless menu confusing, the heaped and heaving plates (platters) of food instantly appetite killing, and the cavernous and strange Egyptian/Deco blend decor kinda scary, but hey, I certainly have nothing against cheesecake and it's all about making him happy about food, so I'm in.


  1. I've seen The Cheesecake Factory when I've been at Walden Galleria in Buffalo, but I've never been in it. The pic you've posted of the cheesecake is scrumptious!

  2. I wondered if you had them in Canada.

  3. Nope, no Cheesecake Factory up here. Not yet, anyway.

  4. I had an okay meal. The menu is literally a spiral bound notebook and I've noticed restaurants with limited menus tend to almost always be better than restaurants that offer everything under the sun. I ended up picking Huevos Rancheros. I was wary when they were described as spicy and when I asked the waitress about them she said they were about a five on a scale of one to ten. Ha! Give me a break. They were about a one. But, I've lived in the American Southwest for almost twenty years so maybe I'm jaded. I made it through about a quarter of my platter. Finny and I finished it up today and I must say, he loved it.

    I ended up with a white chocolate, caramel, macadamia nut cheesecake that tasted really good for the first few bites until I went into sugar OD.

    But Andy seemed somewhat satisfied, although hardly rapturous, and it was all about him anyway. And it's just fun to go out and hold hands.

  5. "But Andy seemed somewhat satisfied, although hardly rapturous. And it's just fun to go out and hold hands."
    It's the going out and holding hands part that makes the evening. We are increasingly bored and sometimes upset by the blahness of eating out no matter where. I have been the chief table setter for over 40 years and nobody does it like me. But with both of us home, and my stamina and tastebuds diminishing all the more, daily, we need to get out of the shelter of our cocoon and at least sample what is going on out there once a fortnight. it seems the only time we get out except to go to the damn chemo that saps me more each day. I can only relish the operation of cooking now about 6 days out of the cycle and find more and more things I love(d) that I just can't taste at all any more. It's scary and it's depressing and it's tiresome. But at least for now, while the evening air is still sweet and gentle, putting honey's hand in mine and sallying forth makes up for all the hurt.
    drewbador sayeth.