Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whoa, I'm not the one

I have been wretchedly, I say wretchedly, sick.  I'm supposed to be the designated well one and here I am violently vomiting up the last of my stomach bile with aching ribs from the last million times I heaved.  What is going on?  Am I so crazy I'm now suffering chemo sympathy symptoms?  My husband, the one with the real chemo, is doing just fine and is taking care of me.  I wouldn't even admit I had a problem until it was obvious and unavoidable.  I'm so, so much better now and simply feeling okay is heavenly.  Life is strange.   


  1. Dear Lynne, you answered your own question. Your husband, the one with the real chemo, is doing just fine. Would you like it to be otherwise? The word says that husband and wife are one flesh. That extends farther than mere sexual union. You are being honored to literally share Andrew's physical sufferings, and, in so doing, to lighten his load a little bit. Usually, it is the husband who bears the wife's burdens in this way; but Gal. 6:2 indicates that it can work both ways.

    You are literally suffering in your beloved husband's stead. There's nothing "crazy" or "sympathetic" about it: God has made you a help meet for Andrew, and this is part of the deal. You're both in my prayers.

  2. Feel better soon, dear sister. I'll be lifting you up in prayer, especially this afternoon. Love you!

  3. I remember you saying not so long ago that it was such a hard thing to watch Andy suffer, and you felt helpless.

    The trade-off became heaving your own self.

    I guess that you've been in the "worse" part of "for better or for worse." It'll get better again!