Sunday, March 27, 2011

Long Live the King!

I started my Olde World Map because I was curious.  I just intended to do a little and then return to my ongoing projects, but it was so much fun I kept on going.

Here's what the completed project will look like:

Here is the king perched on the top left corner of the world:


The flash washed out the colors; they're rich and gorgeous in real life.  That's my damask ironing board cover showing through the thick, rich and creamy 32 count Belfast linen.  I'm using DMC threads and Kreinik blending filament in the crown.  I wish you could see the gold shimmering in the crown.

I'll be adding french knots to the flowers in the cornucopia, the tops of the flags, the blue ruff around the mighty stead's neck, and the top of the scepter.  The border will be beaded.  But I'll do all the bumpy bits last so that I don't catch my thread.

This project is fun, interesting, and a great contributor to my mental health.  I even have the perfect frame waiting for it because it turned out to be the not perfect frame for a previous project.


  1. How neat!

    When you take a picture of it, put your finger over the flash or partly over, and see if the colors aren't as washed out.

  2. Excellent advice! And so easy.

    Andy told me to just turn off the flash but I told him that would require me to read the manual. LOL!

  3. I love the Blogger feature of clicking on the photo to magnify it. It looks really, really sharp!

  4. That's really beautiful, Lynne! What a classy sort of person you are! I love it!

  5. Thanks Hollie! You made my day! I like to think I would have made a fine lady sitting around in the morning room embroidering all day and ringing for the servants. :)