Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rose Quaker Progress Pic!

Here's the first pic I took with my new camera.  It works!

Rose Quaker by Stickideen von der Wiehenburg
32 count linen, DMC floss, 2 over 2



  1. That's going to look sharp when it's done! I love that design. The colours are so rich.

  2. Thanks! The colors came out pretty true to life in the pic so I'm happy with the camera.

  3. Is there a pattern printed that you can follow? If so, I don't see it.

    I cannot conceive of doing stitchery without some sort of guide!

  4. Lor, you follow a chart and count the stitches. I can send you an example if you'd like.

  5. Yes, I would be interested in seeing a sample.

    When I was young, my mother had me do some cross stitch, embroidery and even crewel work (the design is painted on something akin to a window screen).

    It boggles my mind to think of not having something on the fabric as a guide.