Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Chemo Birthday

Tomorrow is Andy's birthday and his first day of chemo.  I could consider this to be his worst or his best birthday ever.  I'm choosing to think of it as his best.  This is the card I just made for him.  The papers I used are actually soft sage greens but they're showing up as lavender in the pic.  The butterfly is purple and the ribbon is a dusty lavender, so maybe they confused my camera.  Happy birthday, darling.


  1. Wow, you made a card? It looks 'professional'.

    Happy Birthday, Andy/Drew. We love you!

  2. Thanks! Making cards is so much fun and I think it makes the recipient feel special and loved.

  3. Beautiful! You're a woman of many talents!

    Like you, modern medicine amazes me too.