Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crazy Thought of the Day

While waiting for the floors I just mopped to dry, I thought I'd jot down my Crazy Thought of the Day.  My husband's plumbing has cancer, my dishwasher conked out, and now there's no water pressure in the guest bath tub.  Either a. the Enemy has found a special route into plumbing issues or b. our house is in sympathy with my husband.  This has been The Crazy Thought of the Day, brought to you by my mind.


  1. That may not be as crazy as you think - I had the same thought when you mentioned the low water pressure earlier!

    Either that, or I'm just as crazy as you are.

    Or both. :D

  2. Did somebody say something crazy? I must have missed it. I had a bone in my leg. By the way, I saw a squirrel running up a tree today!